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Specializing in Comprehensive Small Business and Residential IT Services in the ATL   

PC M.D. IT Consultations

Many of our clients would tell you that we are always trying to consult them about their IT. We enjoy nothing more (work-wise) than helping small businesses and individuals in the ATL area get their IT money's worth.

We believe in investing just expensively enough to easily do the tasks you spend 75% of your time on. We believe that helping you learn more about the true costs of maintaining your systems will save you money and therefore make you happy. We believe tomorrow comes so fast in terms of hardware and software IT evolution that you should first put your business eye on the IT future, not your wallet. We believe that machines and programs are portals to and tools for your data that are supposed to really make your life better, faster, and easier.

In short, we believe in easier, better, faster IT. For us and for you. PC M.D. offers an introductory IT review consultation for new clients of up to two hours free of charge.

PC M.D. offers IT consultations on a variety of areas, including:

  • IT Resource Identification
  • IT Efficiency Reviews
  • Systems Maintenance
  • Small Business & Residential Network Scalability
  • Local and Online IT Sales and IT Cost Cycles Monitoring
  • Disaster Prevention & Disaster Recovery
  • Future IT Planning

IT Excess

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