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PC M.D. Data Services

Data Backup

When was the last time you backed up? Was it clean? How do you know?

We can help you with that. Data, your personal and business data in particular, is where the grey line between IT hardware, software and you the user gets fuzzy. It is the reason why and the product of so much of what people spend time and effort on computers for. Yet it is also among the most commonly neglected IT areas on most small business and residential computers. We know ensuring verified clean data backups is a giant PIB (a pain in the butt) for many because that is exactly how we feel about doing and checking our own, and ours are automated!

The first two realities of data today:

1) The best technical options and prices of archive media for your data have changed rapidly, are changing rapidly, and will continue to change rapidly throughout our lifetimes. Yesterday's backup solutions ('DVD/paper for critical') turn into tomorrow's too small 50GB Blu-Ray disks and terabyte external HDDs overflowing with media really quickly these days.

("$%^#$%!! My show didn't tape! There was space on there last week! Whose Dancing With the Stars is this?")

It is expensive to keep switching media h/w & s/w all the time. It takes valuable time and effort to clean and back up your data, especially if it's the first time in a while. The best current cost-effective answer to the data storage question for most people is simply to get in the habit of doing regular clean automated backups to quality cost-effective off-machine media (ext.HDD, USB, DVD, CD). The phrase we like best for this is data mobility.

Why is your data mobility important enough to be worth all the trouble?

2) Your data is your life. Really. What we mean is, our data, and the proper keeping of it, is more important than we usually give it credit for in today's digital age. One of the most valuable things we have from our business predecessors and ancestors are the things that contain their knowledge: the records (paper and circular), the photographs, the letters, the media. These things help us to imagine and understand what it was like for them then and how history happened the way that it did.

For most people, their data is often largely all we have remaining of their lives and their work today. In that light, what you leave behind for your descendants and successors in today's electronic age will be equally important - and mostly digital, with or without the critters and fragmented files in it.

A partial list of the data services we offer:

  • Data cleaning & backup - malware removal, file defragmentation, ext. backup
  • Media consolidation, organization & conversion
  • Media PC software setup & customization
  • Local & online storage options price monitoring
  • Disaster recovery - we handle 1st & 2nd level data recovery efforts in-house;
    affordable referral if more needed & worth it

Database Services

PC M.D. has experience with enterprise, document mgmt., and web Content Management Systems, Oracle
P-SQL, SQL, and mySQL-based db products, and in the in-house database products, such as Quickbooks, Access, Excel, Quicken, ACT, My Money (and many proprietary others), that many of our clients already have access to. We are always happy to learn a new db flavor, and we enjoy new database challenges. Yes, we agree, that ain't all that common ("Special", our mama calls it here in the ATL).

A partial list of available database services:

  • QuickBooks / CMS software setup, configuration, customization (reports, letters/emails, forms, logos, etc.), training
  • Excel and Access software db setup, configuration, customization (query forms, tables, sorts, report formats, etc.), training
  • Data grooming (dup. elimination, proper table field, row, column, merge & sort, etc.)
  • Data imports/exports (data preparation, grooming, new db table & field match, testing, data quality control, etc.)
  • Cost-effective data and database to web consultations
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