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PC M.D. Network Services

In general we currently favor hard-wired Cat-5e (100MB/s) network installations for security & interference reasons, with affordable secured wireless-n access points or router systems when desired in non-metallic environments (wooden studs OK). Cat-6 (1GB/s) is here and should be cost-effective, in our opinion, (depending on the amount of your steady data throughput bandwidth needs) within the next 5 years. As with all things we do in IT, we aspire to build you the best, most cost-effective custom network that suits your needs and your budget.

PC M.D. offers the following network services:

  • Low-voltage Cat-5e cable installation (pretty or dirty)
  • ISP modem setup, configuration & tech support interference
    (we'll talk to 'em for ya - "Hello, Level 3 please, no, thanks, I'll hold...")
  • Wired & wireless router setup, configuration, firmware updating & profile backup
  • Peer-to-peer network - setup & configure (up to 10 typical use pc's)
  • Server-equivalent functionalities w/device & software sharing & drive mapping for peer-to-peer networks
  • Residential media PC data streaming network setup
  • Small business server/client network - setup & configure (Windows Server, Novell Netware, Linux Proprietary sm. biz server OS, more)
  • Remote access software setup & configuration, such as pcAnywhere or GoToMyPc
  • Consultations for Small Business : Network Automation, Network Security (custom individualized procedures for staff available), Network IT Scalability, 'Where Are Your BottleNecks?', IT Efficiency, more
  • Remote Assistance Support Agreements Available for long-term clients
  • Affordable email referral for Quality Licensed Electrician if needed

PC M.D. Network Services

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