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PC M.D. IT Recycling

PC M.D. supports the responsible use, re-use, and true recycling of all end-of-life IT products that we come across in this industry. We have seen the 60 Minutes Chinese computer landfill video - have you?

We have relationships and associations with several vendors and organizations around Atlanta to ensure that the recycling services we provide are verified to conform to a Zero Waste philosophy and provide recycling breakdown to the individual component level.

We offer the following IT recycling services to our clients:

1-2 pc sets: pickup free of charge while on service call (a pc set is considered 1 tower or laptop, 1 monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, & accessories)

3-5 pc sets: $5/pc set; free pickup - Email Us to schedule

>5 pc sets: $10/pc set; free pickup - Email Us to schedule

PC M.D. is happy to take obsolete pc equipment from our clients and make sure it finds its' best end. It is one of our favorite services. Free permanent hard drive data wiping is included - we usually accomplish this with a nice hammer (makes us feel like Office Space).


PC M.D. IT Recycling


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