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SEO and Metadata

White Hat? Black Hat? Organic? Pay-per-click?

Most small business owners today are familiar with the regular almost spam-like litany of SEO and Adword promises making the email inbox rounds. These companies offer to sell everything from magic Internet beans to 'special' SEO robots for your search results, and their emails often have better visual presentations than most websites. They almost pass the smell test until you Google their name and 'user complaints'.

A few of these do have legitimate angles, but their expensive techniques won't work for you if you have not already researched, constructed and coded your website metadata properly at the primary foundational level (these are usually really tertiary techniques intended for crowded target phrase markets). All of which you find out after the big bill comes and your website still looks on from Google search results place #37.

We can help you with that.

PC M.D. offers custom metadata project packages to our clients, based on: the # of website pages you have; the target online industry; the type of marketing needed; and how heavy and constant an Internet visibility monitoring and social-network-awareness presence you need us to help build during the project term. Costs are based around our transparent metadata pricing rate and our Service Agreement time packages. Let us help you get properly seen by your primary target markets today!

Know going in that website SEO can be a multiple stage, ongoing type of project effort stretching over a period of months or longer to achieve correctly, depending on the target market. Know also that the metadata goals for our own website may be different than the ones for yours, and that's OK. Cost-effectively reaching your target customers is always the goal, not necessarily always being #1 for every search phrase.

But there's no excuse for SEO smoke and mirrors, and anyone who tells you differently is selling you a fast track bill of goods that doesn't include real results. Build your long-term online visibility the proper way, from a concrete code foundation on up.

Social Networking

Seen these all over the 'Net and want them on your site too?   



PC M.D. can help you with that. While social networking is here to stay, the flavor of the day, month, and year is an ever-evolving thing that is time-consuming to keep up with. You tell us what is important for you and your business, and we can:

  • Advise you which Web 2.0 mini-icons of the month are worth your time and trouble here in the ATL
  • Help you establish an online presence that truly reflects your image
  • Help you monitor your 'online status' if need be
  • Customize your website to maximize your social networking visibility

Every business today should have an online presence, and every business today should evaluate how social networking can help you reach your customers. Let PC M.D. help you be you on the Web today, your way.

IT Custom Marketing Research

We make it a part of our business to stay abreast of the loop of e-Atlanta. Not sure how to plug into this loop like your competition seems to have done? PC M.D. offers custom Internet marketing research project packages to meet your business needs.

IT Marketing Multimedia

Love the informative and attractive newsletters your industry partners send you in your inbox every month?
Like the new movies and slideshows that everybody seems to have on their site except you? Wish you could offer the same technical visual insights about the quality services your business offers to your customers?

You can! Let PC M.D. help you identify the best IT marketing package for your business and budget. We can help you with:

  • e-newsletter setup & custom configuration, such as Constant Contact, myNewsletterBuilder, & MailChimp
  • Visual website imagery, such as photos, slideshows, and custom videos
  • Multimedia logo brand synergies (letterhead logos, custom QB invoice design, custom raster weblogo .png headers & other graphics, etc.)
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