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PC M.D. IT Training

The beliefs we hold at PC M.D. about effective IT training and it's proper place of importance underlie every service we offer and go to the heart of our professional mission. What we know about IT will never be as important to you and your business as what you and your staff, as the primary users, know about your IT. PC M.D. seeks to find IT cost efficiency improvements for our clients, and this is where they can most often be found.

We believe that the area of interaction of user, hardware, and software ("how I use my pc") is the most important single neglected factor in promoting personal and small business IT success.

Not expensive hardware. Not bandwidth. Not Web widgets. Not servers. Not social networking. And not IT support contract size. We have seen time and again custom-designed large $$ IT projects of all stripes fall apart at the individual user level, and often the best reasoning given is that, "well, our programming/project deliverable/hardware/instructions were sound, but the users .... ________________________" (fill in the negative blank). At PC M.D., we feel that the pc systems, the software, the network, and the ISP bandwidth, are all only as good as the empowered personal and business productivity that result from their time-efficient use.

What a user thinks and feels as they work on their pc determines their user experience. We focus on making that the best it can be. We consider one of our strengths to be the ability to absorb technical metadata and IT systems information and translate that into real language that holds specific meaning to our individual clients. This enables them to better see, shape and guide their own pc user experience, based in part on what they already know and already have.

PC M.D. is constantly learning new software, new platforms, and new techniques to assist our clients. We have been working with IT since our first i386/DOS/Windows 3.3 for Workgroups/Lotus 1-2-3/DBase/Paradox/
Navigator/QuattroPro/Corel Wordperfect experience. Here is a sample of the current software and software functions that most people already have easily accessible today that PC M.D. may be able to help you learn to get more out of than you realize:

Desktop Emailers (Outlook/Entourage/Lotus/
MS Office Suite
2000 - 2010 
SB Content Management Systems Customization
Windows & Server
Families (3.3 - 7 )
OS System Optimizers
OS System &
Network Maintenance
Media Manipulation Software
Graphics/Logo Brand
s/w Incorporation
Disaster Recovery/
Backup Software
Web 2.0
Network Synchronicities
Word/Excel Synchronicities
Update(s) Automation
Novell Netware+/other SB Server Proprietary Software
Mac iLife Suite
MS Works (yes, indeed)
& other built-in-ware

We enjoy new challenges and are open to adapting our philosophies to your current platforms and software packages. Our learning curve is short and it is often cost-efficient for our clients to have us come in, learn, configure, adapt and maximize their existing particular network, hardware and software configurations, and then show them how to more quickly and easily do what they want how they want. Interested?

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