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These days a quality Internet presence is a simple business necessity to get you where you need to be - in front of your customers. A business today without an effective website is like a sailboat without a sail.

There are a number of website building options out there today. Beware the pitfalls and don't believe the hype! It is easy to spend hours and hours fighting with "free Website Builder" Internet software for the look you want without achieving it. Working with an anonymous someone across the e-verse can get expensive quickly. And don't be fooled into acquiring the kiss of e-death, Someone Else's Template, only to end up with a result that is not quite the original look you wanted.

Contact PC M.D. today instead for all your ATL small business website development needs! Our design goals are always nice, tight, original informational websites that load quickly, work correctly, and bring your company's look and feel to your customers on the Internet. We pride ourselves on striving to achieve superior customer service and complete client satisfaction. 

We currently focus on the type of website development work that the majority of our small business clients need: traditional information portals written in XHTML, CSS 2.0, and JavaScript with a touch of other programming flavors and server-side scripts. We find that, for us, these technologies are preferred for 6 - 12 page websites with more informational and advertising needs. When you need more advanced technologies, such as php/MySQl for large sites, e-biz xml work, or custom Flash design, PC M.D. will work with you to find the right partner at the right price for your project.

PC M.D. IT Consulting strives to help our clients achieve a web solution that fits both their needs and their budget. Many web firms offer an introductory rate quote and then charge extra for each item not included in the 'basic' package (typically logo work, metadata, extra forms, catalogs, Flash, etc. - you name it). Other web development firms' websites never seem to include their actual prices. Why?

At PC M.D. we do business transparently, asking fair value compensation for professional quality work. We are happy to work by the hour, quote, or project. We are also happy at any time to work up a custom development proposal for you to help you create your website, your way, on your schedule.

Please see our Links page for another recent example or two of our web development work.

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